Our portfolio includes outstanding multilingual copywriting services. Whether it is copy for an advertising flyer, website or blog, our team of professional copywriters will ensure that your marketing and communications materials are perfectly pitched to make an impact on your target markets.

Ampere Nordic will tell the story of your brand in a way that connects with your audience, enabling your business to grow across your target markets.

Multilingual copywriting services

Unbeatable content – from scratch or translated

If you would like copy to be created from scratch, we can advise on an approach that would work in the countries and cultures with which you need to connect.

Our success is built on knowing our client’s brands inside out and upside down. Your Ampere Nordic contact will be fully briefed and trained on your products and services, their guidelines and characteristics and the objectives of the project.

We map terms across from your existing sales copy and apply copywriting techniques to resonate and communicate with your target markets. Alternatively, if you would like your existing branded materials translated into a different language, we can translate these using transcreation techniques to reveal engaging, persuasive text for your new and emerging markets.

Fresh content

Keeping your content fresh is something your company may struggle to find the time for. Our copywriters create the most delightful, engaging content that will also boost your site or blog to dizzying heights amongst the online rankings.

Nowadays, achieving an impressive website ranking is on a par with any major advertising campaign. It drives traffic to your site and, done in the right way, has a hugely positive effect on click-through and, subsequently, sales.

Informed by industry knowledge

Our team are primed with an in-depth knowledge of the luxury and lifestyle market, including fashion, interior design, outdoor clothing, tourism and e-commerce. This, combined with their writing and translation skillset allows them to offer different approaches to projects – whatever your needs.
Your materials will be written by linguists and marketers in their mother-tongue, so our copy reads seamlessly and effectively. They pride themselves on the creation of delightful, engaging content across a wide range of European languages including English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Greenlandic.

Our copywriters are experienced in both online and offline marketing communications and can deliver fresh, effective copy for

  • direct mail materials – flyers, brochures, sales letters
  • press releases
  • paper ads and commercial scripts
  • websites
  • blogs

Let us tell the story of your brand to the world.