With over 15 years of experience providing translation services from and into Danish, you can rest assured that our expert translators have the local knowledge to connect with your target markets on an emotional and cultural level.

Our most popular translation services are in German, English and Dutch, but we also support other European languages.


The economy in Denmark is strong and depends heavily on foreign trade. Its principal exports range from furniture to the world’s favourite toy: Lego. Some of its major export partners are Germany, Sweden, Norway, the US and the Netherlands.

If your brand is not reaching its full potential in America or Europe, Ampere Nordic will tell the story of your brand in a way that connects with your audience, enabling your business to grow across your target markets.

Danish architecture translations


The Scandinavian economy is constantly attracting more and more clients worldwide each year, increasing the demand for Danish translations.

Although almost all Scandinavians speak perfect English, you may be interested to hear that more than 70% of people say that, when making an online purchase, having the information in their own language is more important than a low price.

Many international tour operators and hotels from the United States -the favourite destination for Danish travellers- have already engaged our services to reach new clients in Denmark.


English and the Scandinavian languages are all considered Germanic languages. Danish belongs to the same North Germanic family tree as Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish and Faroese.

There are many phonetic similarities between English and Danish; for example, hjerte is “heart”. Over the centuries, Danish has changed more than the other Scandinavian languages; it has borrowed from Lower German, French and English and has thus managed to evolve and modernise itself.

It is spoken by around six million people, mainly in Denmark; it is also the second official language of the Faroe Islands (with Faroese) and Greenland (with Greenlandic).


We know how to best convey your products and services in the languages and sectors in which we specialize. Ampere Nordic works with the most talented professionals, all of whom are native speakers and experts in their fields.

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