The global, ever-changing fashion and lifestyle industry is constantly evolving. Therefore, we deliver translations completed by professionals who have in-depth knowledge of how this fast-paced sector works – its technical terminology, trends and latest developments.

Nordic fashion brands are constantly gaining popularity among European consumers: from outdoor clothes inspired by Scandinavian weather to Nordic traditional knitwear or smart pieces from emerging designers.

Whether your brand is targeting a customer longing for an old-fashioned style or for this season’s new arrivals, we can help you reach your clients by talking with the customer, not at the customer.

Why would you limit yourself to your home country? Your visual promotional materials – such as online clothing catalogues and printed brochures – may be powerful, but if you would like to complement your visual designs, you need to speak the language of your clients.

Fashion, lifestyle and e-commerce translations

Enrich your designs with language

High-quality creative translations are vital to accompany your store signage, window sets or collection catalogues. And when it comes to product descriptions, these are the closest substitutes to touching the garment and trying it on.

The customer should be able to understand how the garment will feel to wear – its fit, shape, drape, style and texture. Our expert translators can find the right words to make your communications as appealing as your apparel.

We love using the language of the target market to represent your style: modern, clean, simple, relaxed, classic, casual, elegant, delicate, formal or structured.

We are the perfect fit for brands looking to establish or strengthen their international presence.

You – at the centre of it all

Our success is built on knowing our client’s brands inside out and upside down.
We get to know your business thoroughly before we translate, transcreate or proofread a single word.

Your Ampere Nordic linguists will be fully briefed and trained on your products’ shape, texture, fabrics, constructions, finishes, techniques or garment names and the objectives of the project.

This, combined with their excellent writing skills, allows them to offer different approaches to projects – whatever your needs.

We are always pleased to chat with our very valued clients, to answer questions and address any doubts that may arise when you are not familiar with the translation process.

Assistance we often provide includes:

  • Product descriptions and listings
  • Correspondence with suppliers or customers
  • Articles on the latest trends
  • Packaging and labelling
  • Advertising and gift cards

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help you.