Outdoor Clothing and Technical Equipment

Scandinavian outdoor clothing, equipment and footwear is well known for its excellence, and so are our translation services.

With over 15 years’ experience working in the sports sector that includes mountaineering, climbing, hiking, trekking and skiing, we support leading manufacturers from the Nordic countries to communicate in English, German and Dutch among other languages.

All over the world, people have a renewed interest in a better quality of life that combines the body and the mind. Outdoor sports are the perfect activity to get stronger physically and mentally, and extreme climatic conditions are their natural habitat.

Hence, sportsmen and sportswomen across the globe need accessories that are comfortable, light, durable and resistant to these extreme conditions. And they look for these qualities in Scandinavian know-how: high technology materials and constructions that do not know any limits.

That is why Ampere Nordic help Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Icelandic and Swedish brands to overcome linguistic barriers that may prevent potential clients from buying their apparel, gear and accessories.

Outdoor apparel translations

Our know-how

We ensure that only expert professionals in this field translate your press release, catalogue or website content. Our linguists have in-depth knowledge of this challenging sector– its terminology, trends and latest developments.

Sleeping bags, tents, insulation jackets, mountaineering boots or helmets for head protection: the features of all these apparel and gear are often very technical. However, the need for an emotional communication with potential clients, as is the case with the fashion industry, remains.

Ampere Nordic considers cultural elements to “enrich” your products in the target country, and will help your brand’s message reach your European audience as intended.

Technical glossaries

If you would like to use consistent and standardized terms that are most relevant to your business, our professionals are familiar with following guidelines and glossaries of technical terminology.

Referring to your trademark systems or climbing lacing differently in various locales can confuse your audiences. A glossary helps to deliver consistent translations and it is also beneficial for your marketing efforts as a global brand.

We love working hand-in-hand with our very valued clients over time, providing advice and finding the best solution for them.

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help you.