Ampere Nordic has a team of experienced professionals ready to proofread and edit your content in English and other European languages.

If you have an existing copy, you may like to have your text checked to make sure its structure, tone, spelling and grammar are perfect.

Getting someone to run a final, eagle-eye over any text you are sending out into the world is a great idea. It will ensure the tone and terminology are just right – vital if you need to make the right impression on a specific audience.

Our team of professionals are experienced in the terminology, trends and characteristics of our markets and will have been fully briefed on your brand. We can also make suggestions on things like structure and headings – including transcreation strategies.

Why bother?

If you imagine your content as a jigsaw – proofreading and editing are the last two pieces, needed to complete the whole picture. They are the final, but critical part of the translation or copywriting process, whether you are writing a:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Article
  • Brochure
  • Book or catalogue

Running the text by a professional linguist gives you the best chance of truly communicating with the end-reader. We double check things like the register as well as grammar and, where needed, making suggestions to improve your text. To really reach your target market these need to be perfect – whether it’s a snappy, pithy blog for a millennial audience, or a more technical document for the furniture industry.

We are well versed in checking documents for brands in the retail, design, fashion, e-commerce and outdoor clothing sectors. Our rates are competitive and fair, so you can give your work the best possible chance of success.

Ampere Nordic will edit your material in a way that connects emotionally with your customers, by telling the story of your brand using a narrative and language that resonates with your target audience and market.


Please get in touch and let us know how we can help you.

Meticulous academic proofreading

If you are writing in your second language in an academic context, we can provide a straightforward service to make sure your work makes the best kind of impact – whether it is a thesis, essay, paper or dissertation. We are ready to run a meticulous eye over your work to make sure it reaches its full potential.

Accurate proofreading services