As a translation company, we specialise in the key creative translation service of transcreation to support our clients in the fashion, interior design, lifestyle and outdoor clothing industries, among others.

In these image-conscious sectors, a literal, word-for-word adaptation of promotional material often leads to a poorly communicated marketing message and a potential negative response from the target market.

Our approach ensures that you receive the best expert support in promoting your brand’s distinctive, inimitable style, particularly in your emerging and new European markets.

Ok, but what exactly is it?

You may not have heard of transcreation before… the simplest definition would be to say it’s a creative translation with an extra dash of creativity. It has the simple goal of effectively communicating your company’s values in different cultures and languages.

It is essential that you consider how your company is going to be perceived abroad – this approach will pay dividends for your business by tapping into the zeitgeist and cultural identity of your new market for the best possible communication of your brand identity.

Brand support across the marketing & communications spectrum

The customer provides a brief giving an overview of who the target is, where the document / item will be published or used and the reasoning behind it.

Our linguists will analyse your brand, your brief and the emerging market to create a cohesive message that may incorporate aspects across the marketing and communications spectrum:

  • Press advertisements
  • Commercial scripts
  • Brochures
  • Websites
  • Social media messages

At Ampere Nordic our experts will create several suggestions for each tagline or key message. They will provide back translations for clarity, as well as relevant comments behind our suggestions.


Our expert team can take a communication tool like a website, or even something as fundamental as a brand name and translate it using transcreation techniques to make sure the tone, vocabulary and message are positively understood at a local level across your different markets.

This strategy is ideal for advertisements whose taglines are often a play on words that can lose their meaning in a target language. By taking these differences into account, a business can gain credibility within its target markets.

This approach also demonstrates your commitment to its market and subsequently to any partners you may be working with, by acknowledging your awareness of cultural differences.

Let us know how we can help you and we will find the best solution for your needs.