Website and Social Media

If you are thinking globally, it is imperative that your website, social media content and blog posts are translated.
With expert assistance, your website and updates will be translated locally, adapting existing content to the language and culture of your target audience.

Website and e-commerce

Would you like to go international? If so, you may be interested to hear that more than 70% of people say that, when making an online purchase, having the information in their own language is more important than a low price. Having various versions of your site will not only increase buyer confidence, but it will also make your site visible on local search engines such us or

We also have experience working with e-commerce companies, providing multilingual solutions for their product catalogues, product specifications, such as sizing, currencies, and category details. Also, we have helped small and medium business selling products via online marketplaces. Listing your products in different languages can be a great way to increase your visibility and sales!

We work with a wide variety of file formats such as HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JAVA, ASP and FLASH, so that your content is ready to be published.

Multilingual community management

Social Media

The power and potential of social media is well known. Therefore, if you limit your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn publications to the speakers of your native language, you are missing countless opportunities to reach an audience growing all the time.

Despite the time-constrained nature of this fast-paced sector, we make sure that every publication is proofread and approved before it goes live. After that, it’s too late!

There are also linguistic challenges – such as character limitation – present on platforms like Twitter. When translating Swedish into English, text can expand by up to 10%; and with the Finnish to English combination, text can expand by up to 40%. In these instances, we may suggest using our copywriting or transcreation services to provide meaningful content when literal translation may fail.

Our success is built on knowing our clients’ brands inside out and upside down. Our qualified linguists are briefed on your target audiences, the needs and guidelines of your brand and how it needs to be perceived across different cultures.

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help you.